Tutorial: Panel Cloth - Editor Walkthrough & Updates (5.4)

It’s Running

  1. Unzip Folder Name Change → 5_4_ChaosCloth
  2. Folder Path → Content\ExampleContent\5_4_ChaosCloth
  3. ( If Skeleton broked ) ExampleContent/5_4_ChaosCloth/Meshes → SKM_Quinn_CLOTH_5_4 → Skeleton → Create Skeleton
  4. follow the Tim’s tutorial

We all can’t get that result - would be fantastic if you could do a screen cap of how you achieved it, step by step? Or maybe the download files have changed?

  1. Tim’s File Folder name → “UE-5-4-ChaosCloth”

  2. Unzip → UE-5-4-ChaosCloth.7z

  3. Folder Name Change → “UE-5-4-ChaosCloth” → “5_4_ChaosCloth”

  4. Make Empty Folder or Use folder number 8 → Folder Name : “ExampleContent”

  5. Move folder “5_4_ChaosCloth” to “ExampleContent”

  6. Move “ExampleContent” to your project “Content” Folder

  7. From there, just follow Tim’s tutorial and it should work

  8. I used this “ExampleContent” Folder
    Panel Cloth Example Files (5.3) | Tutorial

I haven’t done anything other than this
I created a new third-person project and tried it, and it worked

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you used the 5.3 example files?

Actually could you share your project via google drive?

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Yes @hOpEs4231 that would be amazing if you could share your project via Google drive! So we can figure out what we are doing wrong :frowning:

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This is a project that has been confirmed to be running

Engine : UE5.4.1
File : Game/ExampleContent/5_4_ChaosCloth → CA_5_4_Demo_Proxy


Good work! I think this is working because you set up the RenderVertices Secondary Groups properly? These come over in the example files as very strange looking selections that do not align with the bind selections. But it looks like you’ve selected none of the verts? Wondering how those got set up. I had gotten that far before it started crashing on me consistently and I gave up. Also, for Tim - I wonder if issues like the attached will be fixed. I’m sure some more weight painting could fix the shirt deformation but the stretching that occurs at the seams?

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How do we render this in Sequencer with MRQ? Can the Chaos Cache Manager handle Choas Cloth? I’ve tried it out but haven’t had much success.

EDIT: I’ve worked it out, I never thought that “doing nothing” would be the correct solution :grin: Chaos Cloth renders in Sequencer without additional settings. Nice job, EPIC!

Just wanted to post to this thread and just clarify for everyone that Epic have made the full outfit for the Talisman Demo available as a UE project.

You can fully see the captain’s outfit simulating, and go through the Dataflow Graph to see how they got it to work:

I’ve written full step by step instructions for how to get it:


I’m having trouble adding a skeletal mesh to transfer skin weights on cloth in Unreal Engine. Every time I try, the program crashes. I initially thought the issue was with the mesh itself because I exported it to FBX through Blender. However, I also tried exporting through Maya, but the problem persists. What do you think I should do in this case?

Have you been able to replicate that in UE5.4?