[TUTORIAL] Optimization in Unreal Engine 4

Optimization is a very neglected topic that causes a lot of problems and large drops in milliseconds, so here I prepared for you 5 very easy and quick tips to improve performance, which you can implement in your projects even today!

Link to the video (suitable for beginners):

In this video I talk about:

  • LOD system for meshes and how it reduces the number of triangles and overdraw

  • LOD system for particle systems which is a great way to deal with overdraw

  • Mipmaps which prevent streaming pool problems

  • Determining which texture resolution should be used

  • Lighting and few ways to optimize it

  • And as a bonus I show examples of how developers optimized lighting in Cyberpunk 2077

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Thank you!
Jakub Hałuszczak


Great video. I would add subtitles, since your accent is strong and for me, as non native english, some parts were a bit difficult to understand. Another thing I would add are arrows or circles, for example in the light draw distance section only noticed it with the bending machine green light at floor, but didn’t know exactly where to look in the scene driving around the city and had to rewind because was focused looking at the far buildings instead the road.

Thanks for the feedback, I always appreciate it. I honestly don’t know why YouTube didn’t generate subtitles automatically, kinda weird. I will add them myself.

Thanks Jakub. Very clear and concise. I had no trouble with your accent but I am from UK where we all have strong regional accents.

Thank you!