[TUTORIAL] Night Scene, Includes how to add a Moon!

I had a bit of trouble finding a tutorial on making a night scene with a moon, so I played around and got a good result with a bit of trial and error! Here’s a video tutorial of the process :slight_smile:

Nice Job!!

Not saying that I liked the tutorial, but I indeed did like the tutorial. You’ve got something good going on here, clear voice and a really nice sound level on all your videos - making them easy to watch all through. Hope to see more, and if you don’t mind I’ll just got ahead and click dat der subscribblydibblydoo.

I’ve been wanting to make some tutorial videos myself, but sittin’ and talking to myself feels rather awkward. :frowning:

Thanks a lot!

Glad to hear you say that! I thought the moon tutorial was slightly badly recorded, I think I had the mic too close to my mouth but didn’t notice till editing :stuck_out_tongue: and thank you! it is a little awkward but I’ve learnt to just ignore those feelings, I hate the sound of my voice

Ah neat! The Blueprint that ships with the engine should really have this.

I havent had time to listen to the tutorial yet, but the end result looks great! Is there a place for us to grab the assets you created during this tutorial?

Thank you Tom!

Yes! Dropbox - File Deleted :slight_smile:

thank you so much