Tutorial: My Workflow for Creating Terrain

Not sure where to put this… There were some asking for a tutorial on my terrain so I hope this helps. I know there is alot more work needed to get this looking better but I hope its a good start for some.

End Result:

I can only post 1 vid at a time apparently…

Vue 11:

World Machine:

Note: World Machine Splat tool included in video description.
This was made from another tutorial by: Alexander Wadenhed - World Machine - Splatmap+Texture Switch demonstration.
I added more things like Normal/Height/And Linking nodes to make a tool that can do all i need in one go.

Note: The tutorial is over once i hit the build lighting button >.> …

Creating Material With Splat layers:

Creating And Applying Detail textures:

I hope these help some other people… The next thigh i know i need to do is make this whole texture a base texture so i can create other layers to add custom details. I’ll add another one after i figure out 100% what I’m doing in this engine.

Awesome! Thank you very much, mate!

Nice tuto! :slight_smile:

Hmm now i see the tutorial section… is there any way to move this post over there?

this is very useful, thanks for posting this

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I got the rgb textures to work but what if you have more I have 3 or 4 more texture to blend into the map any advise please.

i need to update these videos. That’s when I was fishing around trying to figure things out. There is a better way now with material functions I might make it this week end but I really want to find out how the new layers work for WM in the new 4.2

alright sound good

is there no audio?

No i did not have a mic at the time the newer tutorial for terrains have sound.

very uesful!and thanks very much for your tutorial。by the way could you send the source filed to my email?【】 I AM a new student thanks very much!