[TUTORIAL] Mixamo and Animation Retargeting

Hey guys and galls. I just finished making a tutorial on how to import mixamo animations into unreal and how to set everything up for animation retargeting. The real interesting bit in that tutorial are the python scripts that I provide in order to automate the process of:
-renaming all the bones correctly;
-fixing root motion animation;
-fixing a problem with an unapplied rotation that made the character walk towards the sky;
-adding a root bone;
-keeping file names while importing fbx’s into blender (they normally get changed to armatureXXX)
-automatically applying the correct settings when using the Import Multiple FBX plugin.

After that I go into retargeting some Paragon animations onto the Mixamo skeleton.

I know that the audio isn’t the best. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks :slight_smile:

Great tutorial! You should upload the script to github tho.


Done. I updated the video description to also link to the github repo.