Tutorial list from Jonas

It’s been a year since i started playing with UE4 and various game related stuff. When i started out with it, i decided to document my learnings along the way. This has resulted in a number of videos/playlists which i now compiled into this post. I hope others will find use in them and get good ideas from watching them. Keep an eye out, i’ll keep posting new content when i get some good ideas. Enjoy :slight_smile:

UE4.15 VR/Vive Interactables
This series will focus on creating your own 3d gadget interactables you can use for menus, buttons, doors, levers and lots of interactable stuff.
There’s a fair bit of math involved so if it seem a bit confusing, i can suggest to check out my previous video (below) where i cover some basics of locations, rotations and transforms and conversions between local and worldspace.
Example: UE4.15.1 - VR/Vive Interactables - Intro - YouTube

UE4.15 Locations, Rotations and Transforms
Added a talk about Locations, Rotations and Transforms and how to deal with conversions back and forth between spaces.
Example: UE4 - Locations, Rotations and Transforms - YouTube

UE4.15 VRGrab covering AttachTo/PhysicsHandle/Mixed

This series will cover how to pickup items in VR using either AttachTo which is the default with the VRTemplate, or a PhysicsHandle and a way to mix the two to get the best of both worlds. This allow us to have object collision while retaining a 1:1 movement when we don’t have collision (Physics,
Example: UE4.15 VR - Item Collision experiments - YouTube

UE4.14 Fullbody setup with HTC Vive/VR
This series will cover a setup i worked on recently after i got my HTC Vive set. I will show how to setup a relatively simple roomscale fullbody experience (IKinema, Physics Animation, Physics)
Example: FullBody VR/Vive test3 - YouTube

UE4.13.2 UE4 c++ stuff
In this series i share my preliminary experiences with c++ in UE4 from a non c++ programmers perspective. I have quite some c# experience, but next to none c++ experience.

In this series i talk about how to code simple repetitve tasks using Python in MotionBuilder. I used some of these techniques to automate tedious tasks like fixing foot sliding with pretty good results. A technique called AdjustmentBlending, introduced by Daniel Lowe at a GDC conference.

UE4.13 Simple tree generation
This series is about generating procedural trees, strongly inspirred by Ryan Brucks vine generator (3dsmax, Quixel MegaScans)

Example: Treewind interaction inspirred by the helicopter from Farcry4 - YouTube

UE4.13 CanvasRenderTarget and Find Collision UV
Quick little series inspirred by a recent Epic games Stream on the same topic

Example: UE4.13 Update to yesterdays CanvasRenderTarget video - YouTube

UE4.12 Smooth Camera controller
This is just a single 40min video showing how to create a nice smooth camera controller

UE4.12 Rock creation (Modelling and texturing)
As part of my rockclimbing animations experiments, i decided to play with rock creation (Zbrush, xNormal, Quixel Suite, 3dsmax, Mudbox)

UE4.11 Push Button Tutorial
As part of my rockclimbing project i got inspirred and did a short set of videos for pushing buttons at accurate targets (3dsmax, IKinema)

UE4.11 IKinema for UE4
Since i needed some pretty good IK solution for the rockclimbing, i used IKinema. This series show some of the things i learned on how to use it (IKinema)

MotionBuilder tutorials
MotionCapture cleanup, animation adjustments etc (MoBu)

Mocap/IPISoft to UE4
Poor mans mocap using 6xps3 eyes, calibration and workflow to UE4 (IPISoft, MoBu)

UE4.10 Physics Interactable Foliage
Inspirred by various people (Tooner and others), i decided to do my own physics interactable foliage (Maya)

UE4.10 Character ragdoll physics and animation
In every climbing game you gotta have ragdoll physics :slight_smile:

UE4.10 Simple Holster weapon
This series was a quick one as per request from a viewer

UE4.9 True First and Third person with cover/ledge climbing (100ep and quite old)
Warning: Really poor sound quality, because i didn’t have a proper mic :frowning:
This was my first big project where i learned most of initial stuff and also did the most mistakes :slight_smile: (Maya, Mixamo, MoBu)

Assorted tips and tricks
This set of videos are mainly short 5-10 min videos where i show some nice usefull tips and tricks

Great tutorials, thank you!

You’re welcome. I’ve added the last few bits on the simple tree videos and are probably gonna move on to something new soon. Also you’re all welcome to pitch in with ideas, improvements and suggestions to other topics to cover. Then i’ll see if it fits in with the stuff i want to learn.

Awesome!!! you’ve got a lot of useful stuff :cool:

Thanks, just updated with links to some Python/MotionBuilder and c++ stuff and my most recent VR experiments with my HTC Vive.

I’m about to work on something similar what you did with HTC Vive in your VR experiments. Actually, I was going to watch your videos first :slight_smile:

Hey, thanks for these.

Interesting stuff. Really helped me figure a couple of problems out.

Very usefull stuff, thank you :slight_smile:

This looks great! Thanks so much for sharing these helpful tutorials. Looking forward to the push button one. That’s extremely interesting! :slight_smile:

Thank you very much Jonas!

Just updated list with most recent tutorial. More VR tutorials otw. So if you’re into that stuff, keep an eye out.

Updated the tutorial list with most recent VRGrab videos. They’re online now and rdy to watch.

Added a talk about Locations, Rotations and Transforms and how to deal with conversions back and forth between spaces.

Added link to VR/Vive Interactables series on how to create your own nice 3d gadgets which can be used for all from menus to doors, levers and buttons.