Tutorial: Inventory/ HUD Intro

I made a tutorial. The goal its a inventory system with hud

Since my english limitations i don’t known if enought the info provided. Some feedback are welcome.

The idea its a “almost” free tutorial , if you like it you must :stuck_out_tongue: donate something, if not like its totally free. :stuck_out_tongue:
The future of this tutorial depend of donations, the final goal its a custom complex inventory system item and character equip, themes, item chests, and more.
All with blueprints

1.1 Unreal Engine 4 Tutorial: Inventory - HUD/Canvas Introduction 1.1 - YouTube (very basic)
1.2 Unreal Engine 4 Tutorial: Inventory - HUD/Canvas Introduction 1.2 - YouTube
1.3 Unreal Engine 4 Tutorial: Inventory - HUD 1.3 Overlap Slot - YouTube
1.4 Unreal Engine 4 Tutorial: Inventory - HUD 1.4 Moving the inventory window - YouTube

This video show how going to work the inventory (ins’t the final version): backpack inventory finish - Unreal engine - YouTube


Thanks Knack !!! So cool share !

Thank you knack , it’s very usefull, i will watching your videos soon.

Hey Knack thanks for the tutorials really nice work, but i have a few questions about how the way the textures are drawn, is the copy and pasting of each slot and its location a permanent solution or place holder. The only reason i ask is i can imagine it could get very repetitive if you had alot of slots?

Thanks :slight_smile:

thanks for the feedback.

i think i write something explaining that in the tutorial but perhaps forget.

The idea its begin doing a fixed 4x2 inventory, but the goal its have two variables for specified the number of slots and arrangement (Horizontal and Vertical) and of course a function for do that without c&p.

I keep simple for learning purpose, i think its better for understand then how works that function, the transition between “manually & automatic”, and how optimice the code and do the things better.

My Idea its change (evolve) the code a bit in each tutorial to a more complicated one, for that i going to modify things and delete other like this for build a function. I already have that function written and other more advance stuff but if i do that at the begin i think many people get lost and not going to undestand how my inventory/hud/draw works, more advance users not need but this a begin. From basic to advance.

if you need c&p few times the same code you probably can do that better with a function. :slight_smile:

Nice i look forward to further episodes, i have already got a fully working inventory but i really like your system of each inventory slot being its own individual texture, to allow for move customization like having different size inventory. currently I use one texture for my hole inventory and then add hit boxes over the top of where the boxes are on that texture. its much less clean and lacks your system customization for having more or less slots.
Keep up the good work :o

my inventory its fully easy configurable, you can change the pixel separation, size of imagen, move, do fixed, themes, backgrounds, you can have a “backpack” 10x4 slots, drop the backpack and got another backpack and have 15x10 slots or whatever want. You can use it for show/drop chest content with the space you want to have. etc etc etc

without modified any BP node, only with few vars

Very nice, I have finished your inventory system and have been trying to figure out how to pick up an object, store it in my backpack, move it around in my backpack and drop it when I need to like you do in your video. Are you planning on releasing tutorials for this?