[Tutorial] Import Assets Level Unreal Engine NEW & Old To ARK Devkit

Hello everyone, in this tutorial I will show how anyone can convert assets at world level any version of Unreal converts 100% successfully to ark devkit engine for design concept Mods in the future.

To convert, you have to rewrite the Materials library in ARK.

The conversion is done as follows:

I take for example, UE4 Engine Version I am using and have asset pack

Now I will switch it to the ARK DEVKIT 4.5.1 . tool

Step 1:

In the ARK DEVKIT tool: D:\ARKEditor\Projects\ShooterGame\Content\


Create a folder like in UE4 : Lordenfel (The folder name of the asset package) , in the Lordenfel folder will include all the child assets : Textures , Materials , Mesh , Particles , etc…

Step 2: In UE4 Extract all assets to 1 Hard Drive, Here I choose D:/Export (Export is the folder I will export all child assets.
I will choose full Bulk export , but I won’t be able to extract Particles , Blueprints , I can only extract : Mesh , Textures

Step 3: In ARK DEVKIT, select Import all assets manually> to each corresponding folder like the subfolders inside UE4, then save it.

Step 4: Go back to UE4 select all objects in World Outline and extract to .t3d format (Unreal World Text)

Step 5: Open the extracted .t3d file with Notepad and search with Ctrl + F, enter : CustomProperties , Delete : > CustomLODData LOD=0… …,ffffffff,ffffffff)
after deleting, find the remaining lines and delete until done and save the file. t3d, and Import using the ARK DEvkit tool, everything will render as UE4 level.