Tutorial icon in the upper right corner has becomea nuisance

Hi Epic,

Using epic/master here, I can’t say I was noticing it before, but with the recent changes the tutorial icon has become a true annoyance.

Has this been done on purpose to drive us crazy? Was someone on the team fond of M$ “clippy”

I don’t know, perhaps…although as a rational human being I only need to be told once about something - not every time I open the Editor or load a project.

Also, it’s a UX disaster to deactivate. One has to make three (3) clicks to stop it:

  • click on the icon itself,
  • then navigate to, and click on the drop down arrow in the corner of the tutorial window that comes up,
  • then finally click on the Exit menu option to close that window.

Please make this go away! I’d hate to have to hack the code every time source is updated to rid of it.

Mandatory image to show you how I feel about it:


Heyo Amigo,

If you right click on the icon when it is blinking, there is an option to “Never remind me again”. Select this and it won’t bother you again, even when you make a new project or switch projects.

Matt W. :slight_smile:

It would be great if right clicking and selecting “Never remind me again” would work for more than just that window, it still shows up in the material graph, blueprints etc.

Also when you right click and select that option, it pops up a window showing all of the tutorials which seems a bit odd. I expected it to just stop the flashing icon, but it presents me with more tutorials. :slight_smile:


Hey Matt,

It must be me then because I tried clicking with the right mouse mouse button before and I wasn’t getting that menu…

Of course now that you mentioned it, I got the popup menu. :slight_smile:

When I clicked on “Never remind me again” the tutorial window showed up. Now I can’t recreate this behaviour because the icon is not flashing. Sheesh, I must be going crazy. :smiley:


I put in a feature request for a “Dismiss all tutorial reminders” option to go alongside the current option. Entered as UE-10992.

I have entered this issue as UE-10991. Thanks!

In case you want to reset it, you can launch with the command line argument -ResetTutorials

Thanks to both of you for the input!!

That doesn’t work any better. You get the main tutorial window popping up after word and its only for that screen. At the very least right click -> never remind me again should be silent. But a huge dismiss all would be awesome.

Hey awilliams,

DotCam also brought up this problem, which I noticed as well when I went to do it on my PC. I went ahead and bugged it. Thank you for the feedback! :slight_smile:

Yeah, I agree with this 100%, thanks for putting in a request. That tutorial icon is more annoying than the occasional crash.

I built the latest master and now when I tell the icon not to bother me again, it continues to flash until I open up the tutorial window and exit from it.

Seems like we are going backwards with this, or I’m totally out of my mind and seeing things. :smiley:

Every new project and window does this as well. I am close to just removing it from the source and re-compiling to get rid of it. I create allot of new projects for tutorials, and I can’t have that thing driving me crazy.

Has this ever been fixed. Every time I create a new project this icon is blinking again and its starting to tick me off. Even if i click “Don’t remind me again”

Hey guys,

This wouldn’t have made it into a hotfix as it isn’t critical (usually crashes or super bad workflow bugs). It is marked as fixed though (not yet verified) and will make it into a future release.

-Matt W.

I’ll build from source just to get rid of this thing.