[Tutorial] HUD to Scene Interaction

So I’ve finally finished my next tutorial that builds on top of my last one, RTS Style Camera Movement. In this one I add some buttons to the screen and use them to control the colour of a mesh that can then be spawned in to the scene. I even show you a way of setting up a ghost block to show where the block is going to be spawned. Check it out, if you have any questions feel free to ask.

Demo of the tutorial:

HUD to Scene Interaction Tutorial

Well done PattyM. I find your tutorials succinct and ultra-informative. Keep up the good work mate. More power to you,

Very nicely done, good job.

thanks for this new tutorial. i do my best to finish what i have to do to go learn new things on it.

I was having a play yesterday and made a simple way of selecting the spawned cubes (includes multi select) and being able to delete them. :slight_smile: Might have a look at a selection box, but then again rama made a node for it lol. Might make yet another follow on tut for it though.

Very nice tutorial, thank you!

Man, can you please contact me to give some help? I looked you tutorial and my result is not near from yours, I spawn my cube from the HUD blueprint and the spwn location is determined in the HUD, but my boxes doesn’t spawn at the pointer location