Tutorial: How To Use RealityScan

In this tutorial, we show you how to use RealityScan and how you can easily create 3D models with your mobile phone.


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Do you have any tutorials or best practices for RealityScanning the inverse of an object like a room or inside of a box? Trying to use RealityScan for interior rooms like a kitchen, bathroom, etc. Thanks.

Hi DRC-Peak, we don’t have such tutorial. RealityScan was designed for capturing mostly small objects, but the scanning principles should be the same. But you need to remember that there is 200 images limit for capturing.

The tutorial has the pillar stationary and the camera moving around it. Can the camera be stationary and the object be rotated for the pictures ?

Hi Njersey1211, this is not possible now but there is a feature request for it.