[TUTORIAL] How to turn the Third Person Template into Pac Man

  1. Create a Third Person Template project.

  2. Open up the ThirdPersonCharacter blueprint.

  3. Start by selecting the Character Movement at the bottom of the Components list and scroll down to "CHARACTER MOVEMENT (ROTATION SETTINGS) - Set the Rotation Rate on the Z axis to -1. This will ensure instant snapping rotation.

  4. Select the CameraBoom (Spring Arm) and set the location and rotation on X, Y and Z to 0 and the Target Arm Length to 0 as well.

  5. Next, select the camera and set the location to: X = 0, Y = 0 and Z = 600 and make sure the rotation of the camera is: X = 0, Y = -90 and Z = 0

  6. Then go into the event graph and right click and get the “Event Tick.”

  7. From the Event Tick you right click and get “Add Movement Input.” Connect these two.

  8. Finally, right click again and get the “Get Actor Forward Vector” node and connect that to the World Direction on the Add Movement Input. - Movement Input on tick is often used in endless runners, which pac man kind of is.

  9. Press Play and watch the Third Person Character turn into Pac Man.