[Tutorial] How to make a Movable + Scalable Widget?


If you ever wanted to create a movable Widget - here’s a video for you!

I cover and explain pretty everything step by step, as well provide a Downloadable Project (like mostly)

Hope you’ll enjoy and find it useful! :]


Well, that’s another addition to my growing list of programmers that I follow

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If that’s so - here’s (bit delayed) the 2nd part covering the math and system behind scaling!

Hope you’ll enjoy! :slight_smile:

Hello! i would really love to know how i can apply scalability limits . I’ve written all the code from this tutorial, and it was really fantastic and helpful!


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Thanks mate! I’m glad you like it :slight_smile:

I’ve got similar requests on the Comments under the video about the scaling restrictions as it’s possible to make it to negative values

I think I will have to speed up myself and provide a new Video :smiley:

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Awesome! i’ll be waiting! Can’t wait to see also the new features that you’re going to implement in the tutorial, such as the use of that “0/0” text at the bottom right of the window.
This is one of the coolest tutorials i’ve ever seen!
Have a great day!

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