[Tutorial] How to Make a Keypad to Unlock an Actor in Blueprints

Hi Guys,

I made a tutorial on how to make a keypad that will unlock any actor in blueprints. I’m using UE4 4.8.3. I hope somebody will find it useful :slight_smile:


  • Rob

Thanx vm , this is really great :smiley:

This tutorial is fantastic thanks for this!

Thanks :smiley: more to come! Planning on the next one to be a mass effect style inspired dialogue wheel

Awesome, your fire fly/boid tutorial also caught my attention as well so I subscribed to your page keep up the good work!

thanks for this tutorial … and i will use it in my project game in my unvisersity but i have some problems when i hit clear it doesn’t change

if you want i will put it in google drive and i will share it with to help me to find the problem thanks a lot

Hi, not bad this method, but i think with my ue version it’s 4.22, it doesnt work anymore, all works perfectly but the color change of material does not work.
I get that error in the hitkey event with the array dont read the tags in the length given index 0 by index 0.

Ok, have found my issue, what i’m wrong is, i had a wrong get node connect to my arrays, that’s why he gave an index 0.
All works fine, thanks for this grateful TUT, very good method.