[Tutorial] Houdini Fracturing to Unreal Engine 4!

Need a building to collapse a very specific way? Got a character bursting through a wall? Want to make the floor crack apart in the middle of an important sequence during testing without telling your art department and making your art director panic?

Uh…well I put together a tutorial that shows how to do that with Houdini! It requires the main version of Houdini or Houdini Indie due to the FBX export requirement. As for the files:

There are some current limitations. Mainly small pieces that are quickly rotating and fast moving have quite a bit of error. A couple friends speculated it might be how fbx samples the animation, but we aren’t sure yet. I was also suggested to put together a quick tool that brings scenes made in Unreal and scale them to Houdini’s unit size, then rescale after simulating.

If you guys have any suggestions, let me know! If you click into Vimeo, I have a bunch of links in the descriptions that skip to different parts. In the mean time, here’s the tutorial:

Posting that was really nerve racking ._.

This is awesome Steve! Thanks for sharing! :slight_smile:

I’ve gone ahead and moved your thread here to Community Content, Tools, and Tutorials. I’ve left a thread re-direct permanently linked in the Content Creation thread as well.

Woo! Thanks :smiley:

For those reading on, I do have plans to include material types like wood splintering, marble cuts, etc. Also types of strikes and whatnot. I’ll update this thread as I move along. I also have a VFX tool kits with fire, flowmaps, and other things in the works.

And for Tim, if you happen to know who made that map, tell them I owe em some beer :wink:

Awesome! I’m really looking forward to seeing this technique used ingame.

great tutorial! and thanks for sharing the rig tool you made :slight_smile:

Just curious, have you been able to export a morph target/blendshapes animation from Houdini to UE4 ? I’ve tried but I’ve never succeeded…

Also, are you testing out Houdini Engine? Anyway, I’m really digging the power of Houdini for game asset creation so any tutorials you want to create I appreciate since there seems to be so few out there, thanks!

Oh that’s odd. I thought I subscribed to this.

Anytime! I actually have version 2 of the tool almost ready. It resolves a lot of tiny mesh issues with their transforms being offset. Once I get the time to polish it, any fracture animations made in Houdini can be moved into Maya/Max/Unreal and wherever that takes FBX :smiley: Edit: And is 1:1! No weird discrepancies!

I haven’t tried yet! That’s something that’s definitely on the list though.

And yes! I’m on and off with it at the moment. I’ve been mostly chatting with other Tech Artists and FX Artists trying to figure out what tools people need in Houdini :slight_smile: However, I’ll definitely see if I can squeeze in a tutorial somewhere regarding Houdini Engine. There are so many directions I could go in at the moment :stuck_out_tongue:

Hello, cool tutorial! I haven’t, however, been able to finsih it due to an error. At 15:50 when you should click the fracture rig with the statue selected I get this error:
“DOP Node doesn’t contain a soppath!
Select ONE RBD Object Import in the DOP Network”
I have tried different scenes, including the one that you included in your tutorial files.
I’m running Houdini Indie 14.0.395 if that matter in this case.
I have looked through the code, but since I’m not a coder, I’m not a getting a lot of it, exepct that this error kicks in when houdini doesn’t think that you have a mesh selected…?

Thanks in advance for any help anyone can giveme with this!

Hi All

Was there ever a solution for this released?

Thanks in advance