[Tutorial] Health Bar tutorial

Hi i have made a short tutorial on how to make a health bar with the new UMG editor xD

And sorry for the bad language im not the best to english xD

Part2: ?v=l4TY…ature=youtu.be

Stamina system is also up :3

Awesome! UMG tutorials are always needed :smiley:

Great tutorial thanks dude.

My Second Tutorial is up and in this i show how to update the health through gameplay so hope you like it xD
sorry i dont know how to fix the quality

Newbie question, how do you add the interface blueprint function into the class tree?

I have the interface added in the Blueprint Props, under Interface, but the function itself was never shown (much less ediable) like you have in your video.

I was just informed of this in another thread:

Thanks Veovis, i misssreaded so i deleted my answer. I didn’t know that too.

Thanks a lot!

Thanks a lot! Just hit a wall with this on my current project.