[Tutorial] GMAX 1.2 to Unreal Engine 4

In case anyone else has assets from gmax and needs to get them into UE4.

Get Gmax 1.2

Register Gmax 1.2

OBJ Export script

TinyPaste of the gmax2obj export script (a mirror if it goes down @boneyard)

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really nice to see gmax is still being used, it’s just a shame we never got the UT2003 exporter for it.

might have another go with it to see if i can find a work round via the other game exporters

Yeah! I love gmax, i sometimes use it still. I too, wish we would have gotten the UT’03 exporter but then '04 came out and well yeah i see why they never released it.
I did find this site which has a bunch of older 3dsmax and GMAX scripts and Chris Cookson’s MD3 Export plugin, its an updated version of the pop’n’fresh MD3 exporter. That might be useful if bone animations don’t work with the obj script or you have a very large file and you can’t select all the text in the listener.

Better imo, this one will save UV: