Tutorial - Get Rid of TAA on Media Planes

Hello, I want to share the method I use to get rid of anti-aliasing (and other post process effect) on media planes. I know it is still an issue for someone, so maybe this can help.

Post Process Effects can be a pain on media textures as it blurs fine details and high contrast pixels expecially when you need a clean plate for chroma keying, but you can’t disable for the whole 3D scene of course. This method uses stencil buffer, a simple post process material and a little steup in Composure and it is highly customizable and relatively easy to use.

It will also respect the depth of your scene, so the media texture can be render behind front actors without any further setup.

Tested in UE 4.27 and UE 5.

You can find the tutorial here.

Hope it helps, let me know what you think.

Thank you.


Hey Fabio,

Thanks for the video tutorial.

I followed your steps many times watching over and over but I cannot compose my scene properly after I finish the tutorial.

You don’t say it in the tutorial but, after creating the composure cg elements I also created one layer to separate the media plane to appear only on the Clean cg element and excluded it from the other cg.
The problem I am facing is that the Clean cg element does not show in the final comp. I did the composure material exactly as shown on your video but still nothing. I have also changed the blueprint of the composure material specially the Over nodes but the only thing I get is an almost transparent video from the Clean cg element (if the Clean node comes first and the RGBA from both cg elements are connected to the Over nodes.

Well I am out of ideas. If anyone can give some direction I would appreciate a lot.


Sorry for very late reply.
Do you still face this problem?