[TUTORIAL] Framework Template

Hey Guys

I started to create a Series about building a Framework Project Template.

If you are just wondering how to create it you can skip the Intro, since it extensively is talking about the outlook of the whole Series.

Have fun and I would love some feedback (Especially about the Presentation, Content and Sound Quality, since I kind am fighting of a humm…)


Template Creation

Very cool , thank you Martin , any chance for french version ? :o

Thanks. Even though I am from Switzerland, believe me you don’t want to have my french voice to be on this :smiley: very bad.

I added four new Videos to the Tutorial

Essentially I am going over all my created source files, their intention within my framework and build upon some definitions in the Editor to set Standard Widget Classes and Input Requests.
This is very basic and from here I will extend it to include some more functions and behaviors.

Gameplay Framework (Some Theories, yay)
Framework Template - Creating Basic Functionalities UI/Input - Part01
Framework Template - Creating Basic Functionalities UI/Input - Part02
Framework Template - Creating Basic Functionalities UI/Input - Part03
Code and the BLueprints from the Project can be found here

Hey Guys.

Just wanted to inform that I will not have something up this week since I need to finish a lot for my Bachelor. I will continue next week with my Series.

Thanks for subs.