Tutorial for using animation blueprints with sequencer

I want to avoid using hard coded animations directly in sequencer, and instead, use an animation blueprint that will determine the correct animation to play based on the environment. This would allow me to just animate the transform in sequencer to the end location that the character should be, and the character would automatically animate itself based on lots of factors in the scene.

Eg, rather than using WASD inputs to determine the animation, I would like to automatically determine animations based on the speed of the character, and interactions with other objects in the scene. Eg, if they are in water, they would swim.

Is this possible, and is there a tutorial that describes this behavior?

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Hey @kodius11!

So, first and foremost, if you are looking at changing animations based on velocity animation blend spaces would be a great way to do so. Here is a non-Epic affiliated example explaining more about the topic:

As far as swimming/different environments, etc. you may want to take advantage of Movement Modes and volumes. Here is an non-Epic affiliated example for swimming:

I don’t know, however, if just changing the position directly in the sequencer would be effective without implementing an AI blueprint and using a node like AI Move To.

Hopefully the above points you toward the answer you are looking for!