Tutorial for transparant Video texture!

I could not find any tutorial on how to make video textures transparant succesfull, i mean deleting it’s background. I think this short tutorial is handy because i could not find any around the internet, hopefully it helps someone! :slight_smile:

Keep in mind i also used other software to create the file with a black background used in this tutorial.

1 - I took an old digitalized movie from the 90’s and imported it into After Effects, the movie was 7 seconds long. I used the Roto Brush Tool in AE to cut out a person and did render the movie as AVI (without sound), then i imported this movie into Sony Vegas Pro and did render it again, why? Because i wanted a small file, i did render it as an WMV movie file (without sound), the movie size went from 800 mb to 511 kb!

2 - I placed the movie in : C:\Users\whatever\Documents\Unreal Projects\MyProject2\Content\Movies (had to create this map myself) , it seems you have to locate the movie from this map otherwise it will not play on launch? Well i still have this problem??

3 - Ok! > Import the movie into UE4

4 - Right click (RC) on Media file (your imported file) > Create Media Texture, then RC on Create Media Texture > Create Material.

5 - Now the fun begins; In the Material editor set the Blend Mode (the description panel) to* Translucent*. Then add the follwing items: 2x Blend_Darken, 2X Vector Parameter, 1x Ceil,

6 - Connect the items or nodes to each other like on the picture below:


7 - Add the following numbers in the two Vector parameters;

Parameter 1 who is connected trough the Ceil should have the following numbers under Default Value> R, G & B should be put on 0.5, A should be 1.0
Parameter 2 should have the following numbers > R, G & B and also A should be put on 1.0 .

8 - Voila now your video texture it’s black background has disapeared and is transparant! See image below;

transparantt forum.PNG