Tutorial for Multiplayer game with steam

I need to create a multiplayer game. In this game, there can be 2 to 8 players. The players can be either human or Ai (computer) and have the exact same commands and possibilities.
The game should be played over the internet (no Lan). Steam is one option but I am interested in other alternatives.
Can you tell me about a tutorial, a open source code or a documentation that can help me ?

Thank you

Use the search function in the forum and you find what you need. Epic Games created a series about the multiplayer part 2 years ago. It’s on the official youtube channel somewhere.

That the server runs 2 or 8 players, human or Ai, internet or lan makes no diffrence… you have to code it and its quite simple to configure it. Its on click to do a server from 2 players to 8, human to Ai or internet to lan. You just need experiance in every aspect of it.

For the multiplayer part the series will help you and for all other things you can use of cuz diffrent videos. But for 95% of the cases you should go for the documentation. If you don’t learn to learn, game developement is to difficault.

Most people think, that the guys who using blueprints doing magic. But there is only one major diffrents between a c++ game developer and a guy who is using blueprints in Unreal: The C++ guys have to write a syntax to get the things done. The blueprint guy drag around things without a syntax, BUT both know the fundamentels behind the secene… For instance if you create a camera controller you need basic understanding of vectors… then you only search the “snippets” in the blueprint. If you count something you maybe go for a for loop, if you create an Ai you create the Ai logic, because you know the basic Ai concepts.

Early in the days in the unreal engine 4, the documentation or google search was not perfect (had issues there too), but today you find EVERTHING :slight_smile:

Was much informations, but overall, this is in my opinion the key for a good game (or to don’t go crazy). So you have more time for the important things in your game. Good luck with your game.

Thank you for your answer. Before asking my question I tried many tutorials including official ones and no one worked for me or fit my needs. I searched in the forum and I did not find answers. Can you give me some links ?

can you tell me how to make the AI use the same commands of real players ?
Is there free alternatives to steam online ?

Here is my multiplayer series. It’s not done yet, but we’ll be covering how to setup your game with Steam.