Tutorial for importing 3d warehouse models into Unreal Engine 4?

tried to do it via obj. export into maya/3d max but no luck. any help would be useful for a easy pipeline to do so for someone whos not so good with models :-p thanks!

well, didn’t tried but i think sketcheup can export to fbx, even the free version, otherwise export to collada, import in blender then export to ue4,

you can watch the geodav tutorial for exporting from blender for that

yeah ill look into that tried to do the fbx import but it doesnt seem to import the textures…gotta LOVE 3d models. lol.

You will most likely need to import the texture by hand and you will also need to hook them up to materials once you have imported them. Just as an FYI.

Models on the 3d warehouse generally have really dodgy geometry, and UE4’s FBX pipeline is quite temperamental with bad geometry. So I’d advise you to forget that route and either make your own assets or get a decent modeller to do it, (one who has experience at creating assets for games) :slight_smile: