[TUTORIAL] Fire Breathing Dragon Downloadable Project with Creature

Hello all,

In an effort to return a favour to UE4 for being such and amazing engine and help game devs out there wanting to do high quality, fluid 2D / 2.5D Skeletal + Mesh animation in UE4,
I have gone ahead and uploaded a User Controllable Fire Breathing Dragon demo for you guys.

Video of Demo:

Grab files here:

The DragonDemo is an archive under the directory “DragonDemo”, expand it to get the full project, runtimes etc.
The Demo character is authored in Creature and exported out into UE4 using Creature’s UE4 runtimes.
Actual character gameplay is done using BP.


Move Left - a
Move Right - d
Breathe Fire - s

I will be updating this thread with a full video tutorial soon explaining precisely what steps I took. I hope this series will be useful for UE4 game devs out there.


Cant believe im the first to comment on this, but great job :D!

Im gonna give it a go.

Thanks! I am going to be doing a full in depth tutorial of the entire process soon so stay tuned for the updates!


In depth 30 min Video tutorial is now up: