Tutorial: Finding String References with the Asset Search Plugin

This tutorial explains how to enable and utilize the Asset Search plugin to quickly find string references throughout your entire project.


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Hey Cody! That’s amazing :slight_smile: Thank you for surfacing this plugin’s ability to search for string table references!

Two questions: any chance to add string table namespace and keys to the search? I.e., so that we could search for the key and see the assets using that key? (As of now, it only works if I search for the text itself, and that’s not ideal due to repeating strings and longer texts.)

And can I use this information somehow from an external tool to add those references to localization exports? Maybe open the SQLite database? I.e., so that I could have proper source references for the string table entry for translators, like a list of assets that use it (instead of the string table itself as it is done now). That probably won’t really work without the namespace,key data in the database anyway but still.