[TUTORIAL] Export FBX Blenderfiles (v.2.74) into the Ark Dev Kit (first: STATIC MESH only)

This tutorial is dedicated to those of us, who are not able to mod with Maya or 3DS Max, but can do so with Blender 3D. This tutorial is done under Blender version 2.74. EliasK7 tested it with the recent version of blender (2.75a) and all work fine :slight_smile:

After modeling a mesh and having materials and textures given to, we prepare the actor for export as an .fbx file.

**1. **First, we recalibrate the assignment of size of our mesh.

Therefore, we go to the Properties Viewport on the right side and click into the scene tab (watch above). Go to the “Units” entry and set “None” to “Metric”. After that set the “scale” from 1.000 to 0.010. If you do not do this step, you will get a warning issue within the ARK Dev Kit and your mesh will be so much minimized, that you won’t see it.

2. Okay preparing the mesh is closed. We go to the exporter.

Open the exporter by clicking on “File” → “Export” → FBX (.fbx), (watch beneath)

A new window will appear and here we do the last settings, to avoid a warning issue in the ARK Dev Kit, called: “No smoothing groups added”.

Set the “Smoothing” to “Face” and deselect all check boxes related to animation, like shown above. And you will have no big trouble within the ARK Ddev Kit. Next Tutorial will be (Importing Blender FBX Files into the ARK Dev Kit).

Have fun :slight_smile:

Well done! Thanks for a great tutorial for the community :smiley:

Added it to this thread!!

  • Sinari

Nice tutorial! (and yay, a fellow blender user! :D)

Btw I have tested exporting fbx files into the dev kit with the newest version of Blender (2.75a). Works fine with static meshes, rigged meshes, skeletons and even animations.

Good news! Thank you for information, I will add it into the tutorial :slight_smile: