Tutorial: Editing Materials with Control Rig

Control Rig can be used to animate more than just Skeletal Meshes. This brief tutorial will build off of an existing Content Example to animate Materials


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Hi Jeremiah, i’m trying this out, it’s super interesting. For a project I’m trying to create a control rig for a face. The character is 3D but the face assets are set up in a material through which you can animate it using the material parameters. This can be used in the sequencer but I’m hoping to be able to create a control rig with it. So far i got 1 of the parameters to work using the steps you showed. However I am struggling with another which in the material is set up as a vector 3 (or 4?) and uses the red and green channels to move the pupils around. But i feel like i can’t access those this way. Do you have any tips on how to access the channels in the control rig as well?

Also, how did you get the To Float node in to convert the integer to the set curve value? I don’t have that one showing up.