[TUTORIAL] Disable UMG Focus Outline

Hi folks!

I just added a small C++ tutorial about how you can decide to enable or disable the focus outline of focus-able widgets in UMG/Slate. It was quite annoying having the dotted outline every where around using a GamePad.

Hope it’s useful for some of you ^^

Or you can go to the project settings, User Interface > RenderFocusRule (Set To) Never :slight_smile:


Is that new in 4.8? I normally have it depending on what I have connected at the moment, a game pad the keyboard etc. The project setting would in the whole build I guess.

Yeah, the ‘Never’ option was added in 4.8.

I’ll add that one to the wiki then ^^ having all option together is kinda nice :smiley:

Thanks Nick! This fixed a bug I was having where I was using the Tab key to open and close inventory. Despite turning off all the other keyboard focus toggles it was still having issues. This fixed it!!