[Tutorial] Customizing editor panels

Hello everyone!

My odyssey in exploring the detail pane customization system in the engine is drawing to its close, so I created the first draft for a tutorial on the wiki:

There is probably some stuff I’ve gotten wrong, and there is lots of stuff still missing, so if anyone wants to help out or give feedback, any input is welcome!
I’ll try to update it as soon as I’ve completed all the customizations on my current project as that will probably give me some more insight, but since there is no docs on this subsystem at all at this moment afaik, I thought it would be a good idea to get the initial draft of the tutorial out asap.

I hope this helps someone :slight_smile:

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I don’t understand, is this suposed to be a tutorial you wrote on the wiki to change the editor pannels?
The art/graphic side, or the functionality side ?

Its a tutorial on how to change the appearance of editable parameters for your custom actors/components, like making customised editor controls and such. Instead of the default controls created by the editor.

Bookmarked i don’t like too much UE4 editor apparence.
It would be cool to have same apparance as in UE3, hehe this way you have UE4 in UE3 hehe… Just because it’s cool, i mean for what i see UE4 interface completes UE3 interface and more and even more compressed, but still i don’t like the looks of it : P.
You know that windows 98 interface look like of UE3 it’s cool.
There could be a competition of " who has the best editor layout" **** that’d be cool.

Anyways out of thread question, what if you wanna set everything in the editor very small " just like in UE3 " ? wich everything it’s very small and well placed, giving bigger relevancy of the 3d environment.
UE4 pannels occupies already for me 30 % of my screen, not good.


Yes, just like Ehamloptiran said, it’s a tutorial on how you can customize the appearance and editing controls for editor detail panels:

If you just stick to using structs in your code UE4 will generate editing controls for you for base types (int32, string etc.)
But if you want to have editing controls for classes that appear in UPROPERTY’s, or you want a special control (maybe you want to have a cool window pop up when you customize some character editor or the like) you will have to extend the editor with a detail / customization specialization class. This tutorial is to help people find and use that system.

It only walks through what it is used for and how to set it up though, after that it’s just pure Slate, and there are lots of other tutorials for that. I would like to make this one more encompassing though, and I will as soon as I get a reason to do an advanced layout for one of my own classes.

The reason why I did the tutorial was partly because I didn’t want to forget my own research into the matter (I spent maybe a day or two figuring stuff out, and then I decided to go for mostly structs anyways in my problem, xD) and to hopefully help others that are googling for this type of thing.

This was my first tutorial on UE4 though, so my lack of knowledge unfortunately shines through to the quality of the tutorial which is unfortunate. But as my knowledge grows, so will the tutorial’s quality, as well as the quality on any future tutorials I will make.

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