[Tutorial] Creating Player Power Up's

This this video I will show you how to create a basic power up for your game. In this first video we go over creating a speed boost! This video uses assets created in a previous video that you can find here! I plan on making several more power up’s in the near future so if you have any suggestions let me know.

Pretty cool. =)

I’m currently trying to create a different kind of boost if anybody can help ?
What I need is when you hold a key down you start to power up a boost, depending on when you release the button you get a bigger or smaller amount of boost.
I’m using blueprints and the boost I need is physics addForce, if I find the answer i’ll post it here but in the meantime any help is most appreciated :slight_smile:

I had the answer to this and then lost all of my work over the past two years; I was going to add it into my next free book but hang tight and I’ll post the answer for you as soon as I re-create it!

Oh **** dude that sounds horrible !!! hope you get up and running soon brother :slight_smile:

Thanks! I should have the tutorial up real soon - It sounds like a complicated topic, but it’s super easy to implement once you know how. You basically need to record the seconds the button has been held down and once the user let’s go of the button to stop recording the button held time, use the recorded time and then reset the recording time so the player can power-up again :slight_smile:

So yeah, when I get a chance I’ll upload the tutorial for this - Using a “Super Jump” ala Saint’s Row IV as an example.

If you wanted to do this with a speed boost the easiest way I can think of is when a key is pressed add delta time multiplied by an amount to a variable “boost charge amount”, then on key released set the characters movement speed to equal (characters movement speed + “boost charge amount”) and possibly clamp the result at a max value if you dont want it to go too high, then set “boost charge amount” back to 0 for next time, add a delay of a few seconds and then set the movement speed back to the original value

hope that helps

^ Beat me to it. I’ll still do the images as they’ll be easier to understand from a hands-on experience. :>

Could you put up some pics if possible i’m still stuck on this ?


Ooh! I was supposed to post it last night, it’s up on my site now for 'ya!