[Tutorial] Creating Latent Actions for Blueprints in C++

While working on an AWS Blueprint library, I came across the need to expose some Latent Actions to blueprint.

I wrote up a short blog entry on it -


Awesome tutorial, thanks :slight_smile:

This isn’t really a tutorial its full of errors and doesn’t include all the code to be able to make it useful, also you just pasted code which broke the format, ether fix it or remove it.

You do realize this post is over four years old?.. so sorry that it clearly upset and confused you. I was only trying to help share information, at the time some other people found it helpful…

Wix seems to have borked the code formatting when they migrated their blog tech, gonna take a look at that.

BTW - Maybe you could elaborate on the specific errors you found so we can update it and improve it to help other people.

Looking forward to your constructive feedback…

Happy Coding!

[Update] Stumbled on using PrismJS to get some syntax highlighting on the code in Wix… At least its more readable now: https://www.casualdistractiongames.com/post/2016/05/15/creating-latent-functions-for-blueprints-in-c

Let me know if you still have issues reading it…

Thanks yeah did realize it was old but saw you last updated the post this year, thanks for fixing the formatting the errors in the header of the GetRequest args there’s a extra comma.