[TUTORIAL] Creating Enemy A.I. (Turret)

In this video series I go through creating a Basic Enemy A.I. Turret! Let me know what you guys think. Also If you have any suggestions for future tutorials please let me know. Thanks!

thx you this is very helpful

Find look at rotation… How did I miss that node for so long? I’ve been trying to figure out arctangents for days and I could have just used that

Good tutorial, put me on the right track, thanks admiral

Great!!! Thanks!!!

Thanks , keep up the tuts. I need all the help I can get on AI, I have been struggling with even basic AI. Please keep doing more tutorials on AI as you progress.

Thanks guys! Glad this help some people out. The next A.I. tut I’m doing should be out in the next couple of days!

How bout some Ai bot tutorials? :slight_smile:

Good work on documenting it .

@, look at the Content Examples for BP and the ShooterGame for C++.

hmm I posted a reply but it didn’t take… so if this shows up twice, sorry!

I followed this tut, and I got a 3-piece turret working very well, thanks for this!

How can I get the turrets to aim at and kill enemy AI instead of the player though? :slight_smile:

So I really liked this tutorial, but decided to add just a bit at the end to return the barrels to their original position once they lost their target… I added a new variable to make their return movement a little slower than their normal rotation speed. This is on a turret with separate barrels and base is why it’s doubled up… the set world location at the end is connected to the “false” branch of the “enemy in range” check.

Instead of using the player’s pawn, use your enemies pawn and controller!

@Mixitman. Nice addition! works great.

Would you mind posting screenshots? I have watched through the videos multiple times and can’t seem to figure a few things out during them.

Fantastic youtube tutorials.
He has not turret only. He has also a portal gun, powerups and teleporter.