[Tutorial] Creating A Tutorial

I made a page on the wiki and I would be interested in some feedback before I added it to the actual wiki canon. My goal was to simply create a uniformity in how we share our knowledge making it more accessible for all levels of users.

Thanks in advance for your thoughts, additions and feedback!

Great idea! This would greatly help the community in having a orderly format :slight_smile:

This is a great idea. Could you also link this with the Getting Involved page? That would help new users a lot. Thanks! :slight_smile:

I added it :slight_smile: Hopefully it is in there right - that was officially my first wiki post ever! I hope it encourages others to share what they know.

Sweet! Thanks.

One suggestion for tutorials is fully explain everything you are doing. You don’t have to go slow, just simply say exactly what you are typing in for using blueprints for example. When following some of the “official” tutorials even on youtube I couldn’t figure out what he was doing until I went back over it like 10 times.

I’m brand new to Unreal and I know a lot of people are in the same boat. If you’re going to do a tutorial just say exactly what you are doing because the video shows up grainy on youtube and not possible to see all that is happening so verbally explaining would be great. I know this sounds like hand-holding, and it is, but starting out with Unreal is extremely overwhelming. It just defeats the purpose of a tutorial if it is half-baked. Just my thoughts on it.