[Tutorial] Creating A Portal Gun

Hey guys! Here’s a few videos on how to create the basics of a Portal Gun! This video series is around 80% complete. I still need to add a couple of videos. I have left out the videos on creating the cameras. These cameras will allow you to look through the portals and see whats on the other side. I have the camera system working, however i don’t like how i have it set up so I’m going to make some changes. Should have the cameras videos up sometime in the near future! Until then hope you enjoy the gun in it’s current state!

Very thorough set of tutorials, great job. I’m very keen on seeing the videos on setting up the cameras, not so much for creating a portal gun, but just for portals in general.

Thanks for putting in the effort.

Great work, looking forward to playing around with this setup.

Wow great work, because it’s been 4 years since the OP I was wondering if you could publish the project files for us to play with :smiley: