Tutorial - Creating a Height Field Painter with Blueprints and Render Targets - just bad

Hi documentation folks,

As the title says, I am really disappointed that even after 3 years, this tutorial is still not in good condition.…ter/index.html

I made a post about it a few years back with a detailled list of what is not working.…prints-an.html

In the mean time, a second method using UV Hit Positions got added. And this is also buggy. The main problem with the new method description is, that you still have to copy 2 node graphs, but the images are wrong. Please fix at least the images to show the proper node graphs instead of images from a paragraph above.
The ones under “Trace from Camera Function Setup” and “**Event Graph Setup” **show the wrong image.

@BSieprawski I hope the information on the answers page is enough to report report these issues. Also check the old ticket that is mentioned in the comments from your colleague back then. UEDOC-4809.

Thanks in Advance

Hello LeFxGuy,

Thank you for bringing this back to our attention. We appreciate the amount of time, effort, and detail you’ve provided in your answerhub post. We’ve been making numerous amounts of improvements to our overall documentation as outlined in the thread:Unreal Engine Documentation Update: 2020 Recap and 2021 Preview.

While I do not have an exact date for this update, I can happily report to you that UEDOC-4809 is currently in review by our Documentation team.