Tutorial: Creating a 16-bit heightmap in an open-source image-editor

I’ve been trying to stick to open source tools when creating assets for UE4 (Gimp, Blender), but discovered that the Gimp cannot create or edit usable heightmaps to import into the landscape editor. The Gimp currently works in an 8-bit color space which creates chunky heightmaps in UE4. The Gimp will not use the necessary 16-bit color space until version 3 is released. I found an alternative open-source image-editor named Krita that does work well, so I documented the workflow on the wiki.

Creating heightmaps using Krita

Scape: 5. Overview and downloads it’s a freeware landscape creator with good noise generation/alot of exporting options


I know U posted a long time ago, anyway: thanks

Hi Guys Just to update you… download the new Gimp. It is Now supporting 16-bit… Yay :wink:

Another open-source image editor is InkScape.