Tutorial Confusion

I am attempting to use a tutorial that I found to make an inventory system for the player. When I was reading the tutorial it said I needed to make a structure blueprint. When I looked it up I got no results an I don’t know how to make one. If anyone can find out what the structure blueprint is or how to make one it would be a great help.
Tutorial Link:
My Ue4 Version: 4.12.5
P.S. Please tell me how to do it in blueprints. I haven’t learned c++ yet and I don’t plan on learning it soon.

Hey, you can create it in Content browser like any other Blueprint, but you have to specify it as Structure instead. It’s under “Blueprint” category

I tried that but couldn’t find it. Can you tell me what I did wrong?

You’re trying to create a Blueprint, you should take a step backward! Right click in Content browser and choose a Structure instead of Blueprint like on my screeshot

I think I got it. is it this? 267a092b422cb7ac85b67dc6fda07f3f2e80367f.png If so thanks!