[TUTORIAL] Check for double tap

Hey all,

I did a quick double tap tutorial when someone asked about the best way to go about it. I am not 100% if there is a better way but this is my quick stab at it.

You can find the tutorial here: Articles – Greg Mladucky


This event can be used for anything but in our instance we will make it control the player speed. Currently I have 3 different versions I created, depending on what you need / personal preference you can pick which works best. If anyone has a better solution let me know!

We will create the 3 events which determine if the user has single or double tapped and if the input is still held down. At the end of our event we will apply a speed change to our character movement variable.

Tapping once and holding will increase the player speed to a jog
Tapping twice and holding will increase the player speed to a sprint
Releasing the button will cause the character to walk

The current version will use:

Third Person Template
Blueprint Only
Uses Unreal Engine 4.8.3

Hope someone finds it useful!


I always loved having sprint as a double press instead of a separate button. It freed my shift button up for prone. :slight_smile: