[TUTORIAL] Character respawn, crouching, punching

Hey I just uploaded next part of Character tutorial. Please check this out!.

What do You think about quality? Thanks!

What do You guys think? I know this is basic knowledge but with every series will be getting more serious :slight_smile:
Please check it out and tell Your thoughts.
What tutorials would You like to see in the future? Thanks!

Here is list of my previous tutorials:

  1. How to start - Chess (part 1)
  2. How to start - Chess (part 2)
  3. Dynamic Materials
  4. UMG (part 1) Radiobuttons
  5. UMG (part 2) Save, Load, Apply Graphics
  6. Character (part 1) Strafes, Death
  7. Character (part 2) Respawn, Crouching, Punching

I like it and waiting for more :smiley:

Thanks a lot!

Next episode is ready to watch. Enjoy!

Next part will be about notifies: effects, particles, sounds. I modify engine functions and for safety use interface. Sending / receiving massages from / to actors. I think it’s quite interesting like whole series :slight_smile:

Anyone watched latest video? What do You think?

Working on 5th part.

Tomorrow I will upload 4th…

I just added 4th part. Enjoy

I also modify blueprint (part of Unreal Engine source). Instead of casting which can be dirty I just added interface to make comunication with CharacterBP.

character 5th part