[TUTORIAL] Character respawn, crouching, punching

Hey I just uploaded next part of Character tutorial. Please check this out!.

What do You think about quality? Thanks!

What do You guys think? I know this is basic knowledge but with every series will be getting more serious :slight_smile:
Please check it out and tell Your thoughts.
What tutorials would You like to see in the future? Thanks!

Here is list of my previous tutorials:

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I like it and waiting for more :smiley:

Thanks a lot!

Next episode is ready to watch. Enjoy!

Next part will be about notifies: effects, particles, sounds. I modify engine functions and for safety use interface. Sending / receiving massages from / to actors. I think it’s quite interesting like whole series :slight_smile:

Anyone watched latest video? What do You think?

Working on 5th part.

Tomorrow I will upload 4th…

I just added 4th part. Enjoy

I also modify blueprint (part of Unreal Engine source). Instead of casting which can be dirty I just added interface to make comunication with CharacterBP.

character 5th part