Tutorial: Chaos Cloth Flag Tutorial

In this simple setup, we will explore the creation of setting up a cloth simulation for a renderable mesh. We will then add global wind and discuss a few ways to create different simulation looks by varying Chaos cloth parameters and wind settings.


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just wanted to leave the feedback that I would be interested in doing this tutorial, but being a programmer I do not know how to create my own flag geometry in an external program. So basically that keeps me away from this and other tutorials with the same prerequesites. It would be really helpful to just add a downloadable asset for those that can’t or don’t want to get into modelling.


google is your friend!

this is a tutorial on rigging a flag in blender.org

its usually essential for a game programmer to be able to make test assets.

Thanks for taking the time! Obviously I could do this but I don’t want to spend my time fiddling in an external program when the solution to upload a file would have been so easy (and they are doing that in most of their other tutorials, too). I did search for a simple rectangular flag on the usual 3d websites but could not find one that is simple enough like in the first step described. We can argue now if it is a necessary skill for a developer to create test assets or not and we may end up on different ends, but its just that I won’t do the tutorial for that simple reason that I am not interested in working with Blender, and many others won’t either. The higher the entry barrier, the less people will get in. I am not mad or anything, I just wanted to leave the feedback.

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Hi.Maybe you know how to solve the problem?

I found this tutorial very helpful. It didn’t require leaving UE5 (except for the texture-making): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FaP4328V5uU&t=0s

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