[TUTORIAL BP] Homing Missile Blueprint Tutorial (for beginners)

Hey everyone,

I really like the community here and figured I could give something back. So I made a blueprint tutorial for beginners in Unreal Engine 4.7.
This first tutorial will be about creating a Homing Missile which we can direct towards the target we “paint” with the right mousebutton.
There is also a bonus at the end to make a smoke rocket trail :).
As you can hear in the video English is not my native language, but you should be able to follow it fine.

Let me know what you think and even better what I can improve!

Beautiful!!! This will be perfect for a fan made game of Starcraft ghost. If you have skype I will love to talk to you about tutoring me.

Very good tutorial. Thanks. When the rocket projectile flies it’s do not turn to the player position. Would be useful to have a targets cancellation option. Your part for destroying projectile need not only simple destroy of object but also fade part for the trail.


I could have added the fading of the trail indeed, but the tutorial was already running a bit long for my taste so I decided to not include it. Thanks for adding it here so people can include it if they want :).

Great man, i implemented this and im having a lot of fun, could i ask you to make a tutorial of an specific thing?

Depends on the amount of work, but suggestions are always welcome :).

Im gonna pitch you some ideas and you tell me which one:

-Dismemberment Tutorial
-Hover Bike like the one of star wars
-Punching Mechanics
-Combo system

If you could do one of those would be great, if not is ok too because the homing missile was helpfull.

-Combo system