Tutorial Blueprints breaking unreal builds


Iv made blueprint tutorials in a few project plugins. Now in any project that does not use those plugins, the engine cannot package and I get errors on boot up referencing the missing tutorial blueprint.

When we make a blueprint tutorial, do you register it to the engine, and if so how can we remove this. I just had to switch engine versions to one the plugin never existed in just to package a build.

Here’s the error - Note that the tutorial referenced is in a totally separate project, inside a plugin content. That plugin has never been added to my current project. I have tested this on 2 different computers and it’s occurred on both occasions. I have cleared the project intermediate and the engine intermediates to no effect.

LogPackageName: Error: DoesPackageExist: DoesPackageExist FAILED: '/HexGrids/HexGrids/HexGrid_Tutorial' is not a standard unreal filename or a long path name. Reason: Path does not start with a valid root. Path must begin with: '/Engine/', '/Game/', '/Paper2D/', '/LowEntryExtStdLib/', '/OculusVR/', '/SteamVR/', '/Config/', '/Script/', '/Memory/', or '/Temp/'

Hey Daniel, I’ve got a few question here to help me better understand what is going on. First, are you saying that a plugin is whats preventing you from packaging projects? If that is the case have you tried just disabling that plugin from the plugin menu in the editor. My other question is are you encountering this issue an a brand new project as well or only projects you have already made. Any other information you provide will also help. If you have a sample project that is experiencing this issue you could submit that would also be of help. Thank you.

Hey, Unfortunately, a project sample will not replicate the issue, as the error is in the engine. I have seen this occur three times now and was able to replicate it. I tested this on two separate pcs on 4.17.2

Let me breakdown the steps to reproduce.

  1. Make a fresh c++ project
  2. Make a new c++ plugin using the Unreal plugin manager.
  3. Compile and reboot
  4. Inside project content, make a blueprint, sub-class from EditorTutorial
  5. Add some junk text and a tutorial stage just so it work (Probably not required)
  6. Move the tutorial blueprint to the plugin content folder.

That’s it, your engine is broken in all other projects. Try making a fresh new project and check your output log or try exporting a build, it will fail referencing the missing tutorial blueprint.

If you are able to replicate this, could you reach out to the engine dev team and ask if there’s a possible workaround fix, it’s kinda broken my whole engine.

Hi Daniel,

I followed your steps that was listed above and at the end I did not receive any errors in the new projects output log. I would just like to get one thing clarified about the plugin. In the statement above you list that you created a project plugin is that the case or was an engine plugin created? If there is anything else that you did in your project that was not listed please add it as every little bit of information helps.


Its a project plugin. Did you try to open the tutorial, i’ve just done more tests and found it doesn’t break until you actually go through the tutorial and see it in the engine tutorials list. After making it and filling it all out with pseudo data, run it to the end and hit home to return to tutorial list, now it should appear as broken in any other 4.17 projects

Hey Daniel,

Thanks to the part you added in the last comment I was in fact able to reproduce this.
I have created a ticket for this that you can follow here UE-52411

Thank you.

Workaround Fix

This is an obscure bug so it’s unlikely to be suffered by many, but if anyone gets this, the fix seems to be opening the engine tutorial list (Help->Tutorials). This seems to force a refresh, restart your project and it should be resolved. Re-Installing the whole engine does not help, so hopefully the above fix works for everyone.

I’m experiencing the same issue, unfortunately. The fix suggested does not work for me though which makes the Tutorial Blueprints pretty much useless inside of a plugin.

Just want to follow up on this quickly. I actually managed to solve the issue by following the instructions above. What seems to be working is opening the Help/Tutorials page then close the project and delete the save and intermediate directories then restart the project.