[TUTORIAL BLUEPRINT] Projectile Velocity Inheritance (TRIBES)

Hello again guys!

If you’ve ever played TRIBES you probably know what inheritance is. Here I show a demonstration of 0%, 50% and 100% inheritance and of course, how you can do it using blueprints. Enjoy!

The collisions are a little buggy with my character capsule so that is why at 50% the projectiles were exploding, not because I was moving too fast. The speed I would need to reach is 354 KM/h to hit my own projectile.
@ 12:50 I meant Local space.

Projectile velocity inheritance is the vector sum of a projectiles muzzle velocity and the instigators movement velocity. In short, the faster you go, the faster your projectiles will go. Without inheritance it is possible to run into your own projectile when moving as fast or faster than the muzzle velocity of your weapon, a less than ideal situation.

Here is a screenshot of the blueprint modifications. The video will show the rest.

Ha! Looks like someone else has the bug. First thing I did with UE4 was throw in some Tribes mechanics.
So, what sorts of features do want to put in your fpsz?

I don’t really know, to be honest I’m doing this just to learn and share what I learn with others. I’m trying to re-create as many of the mechanics as I can, it’s how I learn and create new ideas. Start with something that exists and build from that.

I already have a fully functional energy system with energy recharge, a jetpack with Z and lateral thrust plus energy drain. A kind of broken version of skiing, I need to make a custom movement mode for skiing and script out the physics to act the way I need them too. Weapon switching is in but I didn’t show that in this video. I have 3 weapons so far (Disclauncher, Laser Rifle which is Hitscan and Chaingun).

My next tutorial is actually going to be on weapon switching(Enums) and how to modularize your weapons so each weapon has it’s own blueprint with sound cues and firing logic(Once I work out the bugs)