[Tutorial] Blueprint Interface Triggers

Do You want triggers?
Heres how I do it!
Flow: Interface sends a message between trigger and pawn(or any actor interface is attached to)
This works for me since I’m pulling player names, locations, etc. and sending that information out to other places

Make Interface

Make Trigger

Make function inside blueprint interface, no input or output needed

Spawn/ Attach as child, attach to actor/pawn

Heres an example if you just plan on sending the message to yourself

Click blueprint properties and add interface on the right, do this for both trigger and actor.
Below I’m using interface to send a message directly into my actor with inputs.

Set up trigger

Iv set it to trigger for players

Find target, send message (function name is message)
You can use find all actors with interface instead of find all actors of class

Heres an example for self-message.

Receive message

This is a learning process for me too, if anyone has a better way post below!

I’m confused on what you could do with this in game. Can you explain it’s purpose for us noobs?

If you want a trigger whenever something comes close to your actor, for my mammoth it starts playing the drums whenever a player comes close.

Cheers for this :slight_smile:

So playerpawntest works for multiplayer? is that the node to get to retrieve info on the other player when that player comes nearby? want to make sure I am looking at that correctly.

if you arent trying to do something based on sex of the char, you need to use playerpawntest

I’ve tried to use this but it hasn’t worked at all but I feel like I’m missing enormous parts of the blueprint, I would love someone to do a video walk through of this!