[Tutorial] Blueprint Basic Multiplayer HUD

Hello, I’m moving this over from the WIP forums as I feel this draft is mostly functional and i’m to the point where I want to get it out there and get some feedback on it. Over the last few days I’ve made a simple system where you load into a main menu, either host or type in an IP address and join, A transitional lobby level that allows the host to start the game for everyone at the same time.
It is an intermediate level tutorial, I for the most part assume you know how to make a blueprint function and Variables find and add nodes to the graph etc.


I hope its useful for someone. There are some gaps to fill and I’m still working on it. If you run into any issues please post, I could use some help finding the spots that need work, I know of quite a few places I need to work on but it’s mostly complete.

This look nice. But ****! you have written a lot of stuff down. great patience.

Can you do anything with the entered IP yet?

Yes the IP is editable and the join button fires a Travel <IP> console command.

Request OP - some of these BPs are pretty complex. Would you mind going into them in your project and just selecting them all, Ctrl+C to copy, and pasting the text version of the blueprint into Pastebin and stick a link to it in your tutorial?

Would save time setting these up, even if some nodes get messed up. I find going back and forth between images pretty error prone, so this would help a lot IMO.

It wont let me cast to player hud at this point, casting is messed up. using 4.1.2 , I think I’ll resub and get 4.2.1 . But is it easy to upgrade your projects to that?

I don’t remember having any issues on 4.1.2, is the cast not there or wont let you connect it?

I subbed to 4.2.1 and everything works except the part where you try to set the player input . How do you get a reference to self like you say you might add in the todo? The mouse cursor isn’t showing and the mouse click event is probably not working either. Right here is where its not working.

You should be able to right click in a blank area of the graph and select the option to “get a reference to self” as for the mouse clicks that blueprint should turn on the mouse and enable the clicks providing that you have setup your gamemode blueprint defaults to use this player controller you are setting up with this blueprint.

I followed this tutorial along very closely but i don’t seem to have a start button visible, any ideas?