Tutorial: Blender to Unreal Engine 4 in a Nutshell


I spent the last days making a very compact tutorial about everything you need to know to get your stuff from Blender to UE4.
Please check it out on YouTube and give me your feedback.


Thanks for the info. Did you use a modified blender file to export the fbx?

Excellent tutorial. Thanks !

Great and very informative tutorial. I liked the way it was presented quickly, but filled with all the right information. Keep it up!

Very helpful, thanks.

Thanks for all the good words everyone!

I’m not sure I understand. I used an unmodified Blender version 2.70a 64bit for Windows which can be downloaded here.
The *file *I exported was of course ‘modified’, in the sense that it was not the default scene :slight_smile: I used the Unit thing shown right in the beginning (Metric / 0.01) for everything I exported.

I think what there asking is did you have any problems importing your skeleton with an extra root bone. because blender is known for that when it come to exporting with its version of FBX, and we are surprised you didn’t bring that up.

I read a lot about that ‘extra root bone’ problem, but never encountered it myself. Maybe, if it leads to wrong orientation of the mesh, it’s fixed by using the T0As Ref Pose. But other than that, all standard - no fancy magic I didn’t show in the video :slight_smile:

Very handy, I never could figure out why my skeletal mesh orientation was wrong. Thanks a lot! :smiley:

Thanks I am sorry I was not very clear when I asked the question. That is exactly what I was asking.

That is interesting that you did not have any problems with the extra bone. Again thanks for the tutorial.