[TUTORIAL ]Beginners C++ Programming Tutorials Video Series from Dokipen

Hi Guys

I’ve started a new video tutorial series on c++. It starts from the very beginning. It’s using visual studio express so it’s free and I also show how to set up xcode.

It’s a precursor to other videos, which will be about Unreal c++ programming, again from the very beginning so that hopefully anyone can follow along and understand. Also planned are vids on Modern OpenGL Programming and 3d mathematics.

Here are the videos…


I hope to have new ones up every 2 or 3 days.

Feel free to leave feedback on them…


Nice tutorials for those who never touched c++ before, but if i can give you one advice, there is already tons of video on introduction to c++ on youtube so if i was you i would jump right away on how to apply basic to advanced code in UE4.

Keep your good job, your videos are well done and we need more of that :slight_smile:

I Agree go right on the UE stuff.
Some C++ tutorials that i can recomend to anyone want to get started.* (I recomend some books, but videos are a great entry point.)*

Keep up the great work dokipen. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the feedback :slight_smile:

The UE4 c++ ones are being planned. I kind of thought that some people might want basic c++ ones first. I did have a look at the other tuts out there and they do cover a lot of stuff. I just wanted to put my take on how to explain certain concepts.

I’m thinking I’ll try and do a UE4 c++ vid this weekend as a general overview but still keep planning a series to compliment the c++ one.

In a last few months I have watched a great amount of video material on subject of C++. So far your tutorials are my favorite. I did not learn anything new ,but I liked very much your way of presenting things.

While starting from beginning will be beneficial for people that are starting with C++ it is something that could be potentially a big waste of yours time. There are countless tutorials and books covering basics of C++ and they are doing good job doing so.
There are few tutorials covering C++ programming inside Unreal 4.

What I want to say is. Your time is valuable to me more that you know. :slight_smile:

Hey man, your beginning c++ tutorials are awesome. You have a great way of explaining things. I say keep it up. I’m watching. And your spline tuts were fantastic too. Making time to do your paper2d tuts. Thank You!

Loved the c++ tutorials. Any others for ue4 game related c++ would be graciously recieved. :slight_smile:

Thanks ! I also suggest

http://www.learnvern.com/ for C++ Programming Tutorials for beginners.

That was very helpful. Thanks. Have you covered Operator & operator overloading in your tutorial ?

Thanks ! I also suggest

https://www.welookups.com/index.html for C++ Programming Tutorials for beginners.

I have watched that tutorial, You have done a great job. I would like to thank you for the interview links you have provided in video description. These links helped me a lot in cracking my C++ interviews.