Tutorial: Begin Play | Audio

In this video, we look at a high-level overview of how the Unreal Engine 5 audio pipeline is structured and implemented, review core features such as MetaSound and Sound Submixes, and provide some common tips and best practices. Begin Play is a series of videos designed for experienced developers who are transitioning from other engines like Unity to Unreal Engine 5. Each video gives a high-level overview of the various features of the engine and how they connect together.




As always, thanks for all the tutorials, they are great! :slight_smile:

But sometimes I find mistakes in the subtitles - e.g., in this tutorial, @ 3:14, one subtitle shows “add a waverider note” instead of “add a Wave Writer node”.

Is there a way for the users to report or correct these subtitles?


I’ve requested the typo to be fixed on our end. Let me know if you find any more!

Great Course, to many logic layers to digest at first but the script is so well written, concise and on the point.

Edit: shortened

Hello, the Chinese subtitle display does not match. I hope to fix it

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Fixed! Thank you for pointing out!

it’s like I listened in 30 minutes how to operate the accelerator in Cern. well done, everything is clear to me. excellent tutor. i’m going to turn off the computer now…eh, when I think of the golden times, when I sit down to learn Maya, you sit down, you start some Gnomon or DT tutorial… and when you pass the tutorial, you know how to make something. What can I make after this… classic spread of materialistic infinity with no basis to learn anything…and this is like in the beginners section…

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