[Tutorial] Basic inventory system in blueprint

Hey guys,

I’ve just finished part 2 of the tutorial series, this time we create a basic inventory system in blueprint. (Part 1 -"UsableActor system in C++) all about laying the foundation in C++. (Part 2 - “Basic inventory system in blueprint”)

Feedback is appreciated, if I missed anything or you’re stuck - let me know!

Hi, I really appreciate your tutorial! I’m looking to implement an inventory system into my game, but I have one problem: I don’t know C++. Have you been considering doing a version of this tutorial that’s 100% blueprints? It would be a tremendous help to me.

The inventory itself IS blueprint based with a bit of thinkering you can implement your own Use interface just using BP

Could i use UsableActor system in C++ for third Person Too? (:

Yes absolutely possible, but you may want to tweak some of the values. For example we limit the trace line to 800 units, in a third person game this will depend on your camera, if a player would zoom out, he could no longer pick up items close to the character model.

I am undecided whether I will do a complete tutorial on this - I have some blueprint code that does the same/similar thing, but it was a lot more troublesome to get it to execute properly in multiplayer at the time.

I am looking into helping people set up a C++ backend for their project (unless they really don’t want to, it’s useful to have for core game features) when following the UsableActor tutorial.


thanks for sharing this with us but since i’m a complete newb with c++ and want to get an inventory system into my game i tried to follow the tutorial but got stuck by a compile error:


Can you please point me out in the right direction?

EDIT: I’m really stupid, i forgot to include usableactor.h

Glad you solved it :slight_smile: C++ breaks easily when you just start out I am suffering from that too :slight_smile: