Tutorial: Authoring Secondary Animation in Maya and Unreal with Pose Driver Connect

That’s correct! There is also an example config set up with the MetaHuman naming conventions too, if you are using a driver/bind skeleton setup it might be worth looking at that.

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Hey @ChrisTheodosius ! Great job !
Do you think that we can use this tool with UE4 and the UE4 skeleton ?
Maybe just need to edit the skeleton config file ( the json ) ?

Hi @skyrick!

Unfortunately it only works with 5.1+. The older version of PoseWrangler does work for UE4 but it is missing a lot of the functionality and convenience such as the skeleton configs and the Unreal plugin

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Hi Chris, the video didn’t show up on the tutorial page. Could you please help check the link is still working? Thanks a lot. And by the way, if I would like to use this tool on the clothing with the same skeleton rigging of Metahuman, will it work as well?

Hi @Red_Dot!

The video is still visible to me (tested on Chrome).
You can definitely use it for the clothing - I would recommend looking at how the blazer from MetaHuman Creator is set up if you are wanting to do more complex clothing setups.

Hello, thanks for your reply @ChrisTheodosius !
I understand for UE4, Ok let’s go in UE5 !

Somes questions :

1/ Is it possible to provide a UE4 skeleton definition for the export area “skeleton config file” in “Pose Wrangler” ? to export to a UE4 skeleton in UE5.3
( as you provide the ue5.json and metahuman.json )
Or is it same than ue5.json ?

2/ Do you have a ETA for the blendshape support via exporter/importer ?
or do you have a tutorial for the Drive curves if we need to do that manualy ?
For example I need to use a fat body morph.

3/ I’ve succeed to export what I want, so it’s cool !
only thing is missing in UE5 : I don’t have the curve “BlendParent1” in the file AS_clavicle_L_UERBFSolver as you have in your tutorial ( at 20:00 )
Is it important ?

hi @ChrisTheodosius is there a way to transfer metahuman root_drv rbf solver to the dhibody:root skeleton without losing the position of corrective bones cause root_drv skeleton have extra _off corrective bones and parented to the actual corrective bones wich make the actual corrective bones default values at 0 when i export the rbf solver to the dhibody:root skeleton the corrective bones position change to their parented bones

Hi @skyrick!

  1. The ue5 json file should work just fine, let me know if you run into any issues with it.

  2. I don’t currently have a timeline for blendshape support at the moment.
    When you have a PoseDriver node running inside an AnimBlueprint you can query the curves for each pose of the solver and use that to drive your blendshape. I don’t have a guide to hand, but this example shows using the curve to drive an arbitrary transform.

  3. That shouldn’t impact anything

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Hi @boufa69!

The latest version of PoseDriverConnect (1.1) includes an updated version of PoseWrangler (v2.4.0) that contains a fix to allow for this behaviour by default, allowing you to transfer from a driver to a bind skeleton.

As far as best practises go, I’d recommend not using the imported character scene from Bridge and instead use the body Maya file that is downloaded with your character. I.e. for Hadley preset in the Bridge download location there is a file called f_med_nrw_body_rig.ma (under 8k/asset_source/MetaHumans/Hadley/SourceAssets). This scene contains a clean driver/bind setup that doesn’t use namespaces. You should see a similarly named scene depending on the body type you picked in MHC. This should help avoid any naming issues when exporting into Unreal.

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Hello, I’m using AI to translate and ask a question.
Has EUB stopped being automatically created with the version upgrade?

UE version is 5.1
Pose Driver Connect version is 1.1

I try to make swing, twist with Pose Wrangler 2.3.0 at maya. and than export to UE5
but I maked it but that isn’t perfact bz When I rotate X axis same frame It goes off track from the original movement.
ex) driver value 10 > driven value 10.021345 like that Is there no other way?

Now I set up with Swing & Twist node at UE5
but It’s inconvenient to do the work twice in both Maya and UE5.

thank you

@ChrisTheodosius after creating rbf animation blueprint and applying it to the character in unreal 5.1 i cant apply any animation and i made sure to use the input pose node this problem happened to me only in unreal 5.1

Hi @jaechul79

It is not intended for PoseWrangler to be used for swing twist setups. If you would like an example of how swing twist can be done in Maya to match the UE5 swing twist node, all the MetaHumans have a setup inside their Maya scene.

Hi @boufa69

I’m not sure I quite understand the issue - is the RBF animation blueprint being used as a post process anim blueprint?

Hi @akira-yosiyasu

I’m not sure what you mean by EUB, could you try to explain it further?

thank you.
Do you have a plan to make swing, twist node like a PoseWrangler?

Hi @jaechul79

We don’t current have any plans to release a swing twist node for Maya, should that change I shall update the thread here.

Am i the version 2.4 for poseWrangler.
When I export, it does not export my FBX, only the .json file, I could of course export the FBX manually but wan wondering if anyone has encounter this issue?